1. Each issue of Maple Key will feature a different “Star Artist”—an established cartoonist who started their career by self-publishing their own minicomics. We’ll have an in-depth interview with our star artists in each issue, plus a new short story!

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    April/May Star Artist Jon Chad is not only an accomplished cartoonist and educator, but also writes and illustrates a pinball fanzine called Drop Target with Alec Longstreth. “The Surena Grant,” Jon’s one-shot story in Maple Key Comics issue one, finds Chad in relatively familiar territory—descending through the earth to discover exciting new science!
    The Surena Grant, p2

    Chad’s work is notable for his intense detail work and interest in creating continuous visual narratives. “The Surena Grant,” however, stands out from much of Chad’s other work in its heavy spot blacks and significantly darker narrative.
    The Surena Grant, p3
    For more of Jon Chad’s work, visit his website or follow him on twitter. If you like the work you’ve seen so far, please back our kickstarter so we can get Jon’s story and more into print! Stay tuned for even more creator spotlights as we continue our fundraising push in the weeks to come!

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